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Due to current conditions related to the Coronavirus, the following services are being suspended or modified at Fort Indiantown Gap:

* Starting April 21, all visitors to the PX Shoppette, Army Clothing & Sales, and Subway MUST wear an appropriate face mask * 

  • The Fort Indiantown Gap DEERS (I.D. Card/ CAC) office is currently closed to walk-ins. Appointments only at this time for the following:
    •  Issuance of ** INITIAL** CAC/USID .
    • Issuance of CACs with expiration date within 30 days or that are defective.
    • CAC Pin Resets.
    • DEERS update and corresponding USID issuance for FTS (full-time students) turning 21 (College memo required), Retired turning age 60 for Tricare Eligibility, and Retired turning age 65 for Tricare for Life.
  • No public butterfly tours will be offered this summer.
  • The Subway Restaurant, Box Car Café and Community Club are open for takeout orders only.
  • The AAFES PX and Clothing Sales are open only to customers with valid DoD I.D. cards including military personnel, retirees and military/retiree dependent family members.
    • The PX-Express is open Wed-Fri:  0800-1700, and Sat & Sun: 0900-1500 beginning May 26 until further notice.
    • Clothing and Sales is open Wed-Fri:  0800-1700, and Sat: 0900-1400 beginning May 26 until further notice.
  • The DA Photos office on Fort Indiantown Gap is closed until further notice. If individual Soldiers are not able to update their board packet photos, they should submit a letter to the board describing the circumstances.

Members of the general public are asked to refrain from visiting Ft. Indiantown Gap until further notice.

We will post information about any additional pending closures, or the return to normal operations as the situation dictates.

***FAQ about Coronavirus and COVID-19***

Fort Indiantown Gap News
Drone use highly regulated on, near military installations
Muir Army Airfield at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., is home to both the main element of the 28th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade and the Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site, making it one of the busiest heliports in the country.
July 2, 2020 - Two incidents in the last three years involving privately owned drones raised concerns at Fort Indiantown Gap’s Muir Army Airfield. “Both incidents created potential hazards which were fortunately avoided,” Ramsay said.

Fort Indiantown Gap increasing operations
U.S. Army 1st Lt. Cody Greenawalt provides security during a convoy and IED avoidance training exercise. Countering improvised explosive devices is an essential skill that 28th ECAB Soldiers must fine-tune prior to deployment.
June 12, 2020 - Now that Pennsylvania has begun a phased reopening from the COVID-19 crisis, Fort Indiantown Gap has begun gradually increasing operations.

55,000 Trees planted at Fort Indiantown Gap
About 55,000 trees were recently planted at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., for forest regeneration, erosion control, wildlife habitat, urban improvement and stream buffers. The seedlings are protected by white tree tubes like the ones pictured here so they will not be eaten by animals.
May 20, 2020 - Visitors here may have noticed a bunch of white poles sticking out of the ground at several locations around the installation. The white poles are tree tubes that protect seedlings from being eaten by animals, and there are more than 55,000 of them protecting new trees that have been planted on the installation this year, said JD Lambrinos, forest program manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.
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