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The chaplain provides pastoral care for military technicians and Active Guard personnel employed within the state. Pastoral counseling is offered as requested to FTIG personnel. When available, the chaplain is able to provide support for units training at FTIG without organic chaplain support. The staff works in conjunction with the Army and Air chaplains, the Family Action Center and Family Readiness groups to ensure Soldier readiness and well being.

Sunday Services take place at the Post Chapel. All are welcome.

0730 Roman Catholic Mass*

0830 Protestant/Non Denominational*

The Post Chapel is available for outside use such as weddings, christenings and baptisms. Use is coordinated through the training site.

Call (717) 861-9212 for chaplain support



Offices Bldg. 0-47
Post Chapel Bldg. 0-8
Area 12 Chapel Bldg. 12-91