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The DMVA Forestry division has firewood for sale at Fort Indiantown Gap. The firewood yard is located on Johnson Trail, north of Fisher Avenue. Supply and species fluctuate, and availability is not guaranteed. Firewood is in log form and customers are responsible for cutting and loading their own firewood.

More information can be found at: https://ftig.isportsman.net/FirewoodYard.aspx



The Spotted Lanternfly is a non-native and invasive pest that impacts native plant species. Use caution when transporting wood. Please visit the PA Department of Agriculture website for additional information and to print a Spotted Lanternfly Checklist for Residents. It is good practice to burn firewood as close to the source of purchase as possible.
Spotted Lanternfly additional information
Spotted Lanternfly checklist for residents
Firewood management best practices


Forestry Office:
Bldg. 0-11 off of Wiley Road
Phone: 717-821-3027
Email: RA-DMVAForestry@pa.gov

Environmental Office: 717-861-8181