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Garrison Commander’s COVID-19 Guidance

| Soldiers and Employees of Ft. Indiantown Gap | March 26, 2020



The Pennsylvania Army National Guard has had a long history of responding to many different types of emergencies. Whether being called upon to support the citizens of Pennsylvania after natural or man-made disasters, or national public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, we as National Guard Soldiers, have always stepped up to provide the much needed support, comfort, and peace of mind, to the residents of the Commonwealth.

While on a global level, the Coronavirus has rapidly become everyone’s primary focus, and the fear and anxiety being experienced is not unprecedented. Since its founding in 1636, members of the National Guard have responded to outbreaks of Smallpox, Spanish Flu, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Hoof-and-mouth Disease, and Typhus.

My goal as the Ft. Indiantown Gap Garrison Commander, is to support The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania’s plan for supporting our citizens in this time of need and uncertainty, all while doing our utmost to protect you, the Soldiers and employees of FTIG, and your families.

At my direction, the Training Center has acted as proactively as possible to prevent the introduction of the COVID-19 virus to our facilities. The closure of our Gyms, take out only restrictions at Subway, The Box Car, and the Community Club, are just a few of the prevention measures we have taken. We will continue to refine our response as Federal and State guidelines dictate.

Again, our mission is to support National Guard Members who are tasked with supporting the public during this pandemic. We can’t effectively manage this task without you, our Soldiers and employees, which is why I want to stress the necessity of following the established health guidelines such as regular hand washing, social distancing, and staying home if you feel sick or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms.

As in all of the emergencies to include pandemics in years past, we will ultimately prevail in overcoming the COVID-19 virus. We, the Soldiers and employees of Ft. Indiantown Gap can play a significant role in this by supporting the Citizen Soldiers of Pennsylvania.

Thank you for all that you do every single day to protect our Nation and Commonwealth!